Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jenelle Evans Engaged!

Jenelle confirmed via twitter today that she and boyfriend Gary Head are engaged. The two recently got back together after being broken up for a bit. During the time of their break up Jenelle dated Kieffer just long enough for him to get some naked pictures of her to sell. 

Gary had said on twitter during their break up that he was planning to propose so this is not a surprise.

"I can say my mom doesn't know yet but I'm sure she will be supportive like when he proposed to me the first time."

16 & Pregnant Episodes 9 & 10 Recap

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Episode 9

Sarah's boyfriend Blake wants to move to another state to make money working on a shrimp boat so that he can provide for his new family. Sarah is skeptical but I have to give him credit, sometimes you have to go where the opportunities are. That being said, something doesn't sit too well with this guy.

He is told to do some things around the house and is more concerned with having fun then taking care of his responsibilities. He even says at one point that he would rather pay child support and bail. 

The more the episode goes on the more I really start to hate this guy.. After calling Sarah multiple names, Blake gets kicked out of the house and her mom goes and finally gets the crib that he was supposed to get. He comes back and bats his gingery red eyelashes and Sarah forgives him. 

Sarah is ready to get that baby out so she tries every old wives tale in the book to jump start her labor... and it works! She gives birth via c-section to a baby girl.

Blake gets a job for a while but ends up blowing all his money on himself and maybe sometimes giving Sarah a few dollars for diapers when he feels like it. Sarah's mom has finally had enough and calls him out on everything. So he decides its time for him to move to Georgia.

Sarah now has to learn to be a single mom and deal with the reality of having a newborn as a teen.

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Episode 10

Sabrina lives with her sister at their grandparents house because her moms house is too crowded. Sabrina was living with her dad in California but moved across the country to live with her mom and family. Her boyfriend and baby's father is still in Cali though. So he plans to move to TN to be with Sabrina and the baby. He wants to be there before the baby is born. 

The plan is to wait till graduation is over to move into their own place. So Iman needs to get a job asap. It seems though that every time she talks to Iman on the phone he is in a bad mood and giving her attitude. That kind of stress is not good for a pregnant lady! 

He does eventually call to let her know that he bought a plane ticket and is coming soon. Not in time for her to give birth though. Sabrina is really emotion and things get very serious when her baby stops crying all of a sudden and is rushed to the NICU. She ends up maybe having a lung infection and is kept there for a couple of days. 

Iman isn't able to make it out there for another week or so. He brings Sabrina to tears yet again with his nonchalant attitude about getting around to moving to TN. So Sabrina gets used to taking care of her new little one all on her own. Little does she know that Iman is actually going to show up and surprise her. He steps up and immediately starts taking care of his little one and gets a crash course in diaper changing and bottle making! Good thing too because Sabrina started school the very next day. 

Sabrina is hit with one last hardship when her sister moves out of their grandparents house and back in with her mom. Sabrina was devastated by this but everything seemed to work out well for Sabrina in the end.