Thursday, May 17, 2012

Amber Update! [Exclusive]

Amber was recently arrested for missing a rehab meeting. According to Amber's family she was given permission to miss the meeting due to her gallbladder surgery but was arrested anyway. She was not taking drugs for the pain but I guess the program was suspicious. 

Amber had a court hearing today and will be released tomorrow. (May 18th)

Amber's brother Shawn tells me that Amber has been working hard to obtain her high school diploma and was planning to join the military. Shawn says "She can't get in with a felony but she was going to try and get it reduced in the future. Now with her getting thrown in jail for no reason that is out of the question."

 Her reason for joining the military was to have her college paid for. I think joining would have set her on the right path but she will have to work even harder now to achieve her goals.

Perhaps now the plans that Gary and Leah had to celebrate Amber's 22nd Birthday and Mother's day can finally happen. Gary had to postpone his plans when he found out via twitter that Amber was arrested just days before the holiday. Amber doesn't get to see Leah very often due to Gary living far from her and not bringing her around (and Amber not being able to go far from her home) but she does skype with Leah every night. 

16 & Pregnant's Brooke & Cody Expecting Again

You may remember Brooke and Cody from Season 2B of 16 & Pregnant. I say "may remember" because it seems like the season 2B cast has been completely forgotten about. All the action happened in the first half of the Season. That is where the cast of Teen Mom 2 was chosen after all. 

Honestly out of the second season Brooke and Cody were one of my favorites. The couple loved race cars and bought a barn/mini-house to live in after naming their son after themselves! They were very cute and are happily married. 

Brooke posted to her facebook page: "Hey everyone! I just wanted to announce Brody will be a BIG BROTHER in December. Cody and I are very excited to share the news with everyone." 

Ebony of the first season of 16 & Pregnant is also pregnant again. I know that Jordan Ward is another girl from the show who had a second child. I'm sure I'm forgetting about some other girls. There are way too many to keep track of! 

Anyway... Congratulations Brooke & Cody! 

This is a random photo, not during Brooke's pregnancy and I have no idea
what they are drinking.