Sunday, May 20, 2012

Corey Takes the Twins Fishing on a Boat!

Corey Simms and the family went out on a boat to go fishing this weekend. It was their first time on a boat and they seemed to have a blast. These girls are so adorable and Corey is always doing nice things with them. Corey and Jo are the only real fathers on Teen Mom 2 and its refreshing to see. 

Now for the cuteness: 

Daddy of the year! 

Maci & Kyle Regal Split

It has recently come to my attention the Maci and motor-cross boyfriend Kyle Regal have split. 

With some twitter investigation I found some things that indicate this is true. 

Maci tweeted earlier referring to Kyle as her ex but quickly deleted it. Kyle tweeted that "pimps don't fall in love." (huh?) I also came across a couple of tweets that are a bit odd saying that Kyle was asking for naked photos from another girl! (apparently singer Cady Groves)

@cadygroves: Hey @kyleREGAL before you call a girl askin her to send you naked pictures make sure she's not friends with your GF”

Yesterday Maci did tweet that Kyle had a "stick up his ass." So it looks like there was some falling out during Maci's visit to watch him race. 

Honestly I feel that their long distance relationship was no good for Bentley who would often accompany Maci on her road trips and airplane rides to visit him and watch his races. She does a lot of traveling as it is so maybe  living hours away from her boyfriend isn't the best idea. 

Kail & Javi Get Matching Tats

Kailyn and Javi have promised each other that they will be together forever but apparently a promise ring isn't enough. They decided to get matching tattoos. They both go the Infinity symbol. Which I guess if you are going to get matching tattoos with someone that you are dating (personally I think its a terrible idea but....) at least get something that isn't going to look silly if you break up. 

Never get a boyfriend or girlfriends name for instance. 

Kail is currently working on a full back tattoo. (An image of paradise under a quote that she got for Isaac.) But it looks like she took a time out from that one to get the matching on with Javi.

Aaaand here they are: