Monday, May 21, 2012

Ryan & Dalis Split Again

I was really happy when Ryan and Dalis got back together but sadly it didn't last long. The couple split again. 
Dalis tweeted a few tweets about it but doesn't want to talk to anyone about the details. I can imagine this is really hard for her considering Ryan cheated on her and was apparently caught in the act! 

I don't get why someone would cheat on a girl as awesome and hot as Dalis but okay. 

When the couple broke up earlier this month Ryan was acting suspicious of Dalis. Which is usually how someone acts when they are the ones being untrustworthy. 

Here are the tweets she posted earlier:
click to enlarge

Instead of writing yet another entry about Ryan and Dalis's roller-coaster relationship I'll just update here. As of 5-22 they are back together again. The "cheating" that Dalis caught was not Ryan and another girl in bed but whatever happened was enough for Dalis to suspect real cheating. However it doesn't seem to be enough to keep Dalis away.