Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Teen Mom Filming Catch Up Special

So as I reported recently the entire Teen Mom 1 cast was still filming and we were all trying to figure out why. Apparently they are filming the Catch Up Special. (Where are they now type deal.)

Which we probably wont see until next year or something. That explains why the cast have all been filming for MTV recently. Not a crap load of spin offs thank God. 

On the Catch up Special it looks like we will see Catelynn and Tyler celebrating Carly's third birthday. And they just might talk about Carly's little brother that Brandon and Teresa Adopted. They will also probably show Cate and Ty doing their speaking engagements. (Cameras were spotted filming them at one of their appearances.) 

Maci was filming on Mother's Day. We might get a glimpse of Kyle Regal on her part of the catch up special. Which will be old news by then. 

I do believe that Amber filmed a small portion probably explaining her current predicament. Gary is just now finishing up his part of filming. Which is where we will see Leah. Perhaps they will show Gary signing Leah up for Dance Classes. (Which he did recently)

And that brings us to Farrah. To be quite honest I can't remember off the top of my head what Farrah has been doing. She did the March of Dimes recently, she has been modeling, etc. So I assume it will show her being the career oriented lady she has become. 

Well there wont really be much reason to watch it since we all know that this all happened now and not a year from now when we will actually see it. >.<