Thursday, May 24, 2012

Amber Is Going Back to Prison

I really don't even want to write this. I have rooted for Amber since day one and it saddens me that she has completely given up on herself. Today TMZ reports that Amber asked the judge to please send her to prison.
I'm not sure if she was caught relapsing or if this was during one of her mandatory rehab meetings but she apparently straight up asked the judge to send her to prison. Her lawyer just stood by shaking his head.

She also admitted to not staying clean during the rehab program. Amber is now back in jail and will be back in court in a few weeks for her sentencing. As Teen Mom comes to an end this really is a sad way to say goodbye.

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If Amber is put away for her full 5 year Sentence... Leah will be 8 years old when she gets out...

Gary is taking it pretty hard too, which I can understand, he now has to explain to Leah what is going on with her mommy.

"Trust me when I say she didn't give up. She did what was gonna happen anyways. Drug Court was bullying her constantly... I've cried so much today my hear hurts for both her and Leah. You know Leah looks up to Amber a lot. And how do I tell her? I can't."

"I really wish it was different for plz don't think for one second she wanted this... She really is a terrific person who is having a hard time."


TMZ has learned recently that immediately following Amber's incarceration
"her last drug test came back positive for the opiate-based drug Suboxone... a highly addictive drug similar to morphine."
After doing a little investigating I've discovered that Suboxone is a drug to get you off drugs. Not like Morphine. So... I have no idea what that is about.

Amber addmitted that she can't control herself and that going to prison will force her to quit cold turkey. She feels that may be the only way to save her life.

Maci & Amber Season 4 Commercials!

For those who weren't lucky enough to catch the new individual commercials for Teen Mom Season 4, I have gotten hold of  Maci and Amber's for your viewing pleasure. The videos are filmed by a fan in their home so the quality isn't perfect but you get the gist.



Special thanks to our friend Julie for sending these in!