Tuesday, May 29, 2012

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Finale

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Episode 12 (Finale)

Kristina's episode is so emotional. Her fiance died in an accident just a few months into her pregnancy. They were at the beach with Kristina's family when they both got swept away. Kristina was saved by a lifeguard by Todd was sadly lost. 

Now Kristina has to mourn and carry a baby at the same time. She decides to name him Lucas since she remembered Todd saying that was a name he liked. 

She starts working on her education and her baby shower. She stays away from her mom because her mom wants to talk about the accident and Kristina can't. Her mom has such a hard time dealing with the accident. She feels so guilty and cries to Kristina every time they speak. 

All of the stress probably contributed to Kristina going into labor at only 7 months pregnant. 
They manage to stop the labor but tell her she needs to stay in the hospital until her due date.....

She has been good at holding in all of her emotions but finally breaks down while staying in the hospital. The poor girl is going through so much at one time. 

Her family surprises her with a baby shower at the hospital which is super sweet and after a month in the hospital she finally gives birth via c-section. 

The baby had to stay in the hospital for a while due to being born prematurely. She is very excited when she finally gets to bring him home. Lots of people offer to help but Kristina does it all on her own because no one can replace Todd. 

We get some much needed counseling to help work through her grief. Which worked because Kristina got married to her now husband this past spring. 

Teen Mom Takes Over NYC One Final Time

Maci, Farrah, Catelynn and Tyler are having a blast in NYC this week filming the after shows and promos for Teen Mom Season 4 which is due to start June 12th. This should be the last time our lovely Teen Mom ladies... and Tyler gather in New York for Teen Mom related things.

Amber Portwood couldn't be there due to her recent incarceration. She didn't make it to the taping of the reunion special either. Last year she missed the taping of after shows but was able to be at the reunion. Sadly we wont see her on either this year.