Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Book of Teen Mom Secrets and Scandals

Apparently there is threat of a tell-all book being written about what has gone down with the Teen Moms over the past four years that was NOT shown on TV. Reality Weekly states that: "an unauthorized, anonymous tell-all threatens to reveal the sordid underbelly - raw, uncensored misbehavior that sources say will tear apart the lives of the reality stars." 

This is all about the Teen Mom 1 girls but this picture is perfect.

This book is said to contain details of the girls lives that were cut out of the show due to their hard core nature.

"No one knows who is behind it and it's caused a lot of tension." an insider told Reality Weekly. "There are so many things that have been swept under the carpet - MTV had to edit them out because they were so hard-core. More than one of the Teen Moms has a sex tape, so those details will definitely be in the book." 

What!? Sex tapes? It's not really that hard to believe, more then one Teen Mom has nude pictures on the internet already. The cover says: "Lesbian obsessions, death threats,  sex tapes and more!"

If this anonymous author is for real I'm not sure how they could get away with this book. If they do I'm sorry but I'm buying it. 

Are Maci & Kyle King Back Together?

Since Maci's recent split with boyfriend Kyle Regal she has been talking to Kyle King again! The two hung out over Memorial Day weekend and have been tweeting. Maci tweeted that they were not together but could this just be an obvious cover up? 

The rumors have been flying but it wasn't until I saw this tweet today that I started thinking it could be a real possibility. 

Seems like Kyle can't stand to be away from her for a whole week. Sounds like more then friends to me! 
Stay tuned, I have a feeling this story is not over yet. 

Teen Moms and Babies Then and Now!

With the final season of Teen Mom coming up I thought it would be cool to show just how much our favorite teen moms and babies have grown! 

Click the photos to make them larger!:

Teen Mom Season 4 Starts June 12th at 10pm on MTV with 2 back to back episodes!