Friday, June 1, 2012

New Interview for Teen Mom Season 4

The girls discuss the new and final season of Teen Mom. The say that this is going to be the best season and that they will be going out with a bang!

The girls also discuss Amber and what she has been going through and how they feel it effects little Leah. 

Farrah Abraham Turns 21

Farrah Abraham turned 21 yesterday and partied it up in style with Maci Bookout in New York City!
They were already in New York doing some Teen Mom related work. 

Happy Birthday Farrraahhhh

You can celebrate with Farrah too as she has posted a public invite to her Birthday Bash:

Jenelle and Gary Break Off Their Engagement

Alright, so I know people must be sick of hearing about the ups and downs of Jenelle's romantic life so I'll make it quick. 

From what I have read on twitter because of course that is where all of the fights are made public... Gary commented on something Chelsea Houska tweeted and Jenelle got jealous and said something to Gary about it. This turns into a huge fight because Gary has cheated on Jenelle before so she doesn't trust him.

Now Gary wants his ring back and "hid" Jenelle's $300 Tiffany necklace until he gets it. 

Oh and her broke her door: 

Side note: Why is that all of Jenelle's exes talk to this James Duffy guy? I just find it really creepy that this grown man is so involved her life... its weird.


Would you look at that... a day later and they are back together: