Monday, June 4, 2012

MTV Cuts Corners

Today 4 girls from 16 & Pregnant Season 4 were contacted by MTV. They were told that the segments they filmed for the Reunion Special airing tomorrow night were cut from the show! 

They were told that their segments were too long and would be featured online instead. So far the girls who have come forward about being cut from the show are Devon, Sabrina and Hope. Go figure the more responsible and down to Earth girls.

These three are not part of the new cast for Teen Mom 3 so MTV probably felt that they were less "important" I guess and could spare their portions of the show.

According to Devon the network would not allow a part two of the reunion as we have seen in previous seasons. The girls are understandably upset about this.

Devon: "I really loved mine too, I got to explain things I was excited about! ... it freaking sucks, like, what a waste!"
Hope: "I am so mad..."

The show will be 90 minutes long starting at 10pm as usual. The girls segments that we will not see on the show will be available online most likely the following day.