Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sabrina Solares Wedding Gown Shopping! Exclusive Photos]

Sabrina is one of the 16 & Pregnant ladies who was cut from the Reunion Special tonight. (Sad) So I figured now would be a great time to give you an update on how she is doing! 

Exciting things have been happening for Sabrina, she recently graduated and is now in the process of planning her wedding! 

Here are some exclusive photos for your enjoyment of Sabrina trying on Wedding Dresses! Click the photos to make them larger!

Details! The Tell-All Book that Could Ruin the Teen Mom Stars

New details about the threatening Tell-All Teen Mom scandal Book have come to light recently. A source tells Reality Weekly:

Maci's partying ways will be exposed. "Maci always plays like she's sweet and innocent, but the truth is she's one of the most selfish, manipulative girls around." 
The source says that Farrah Abraham is a "gold digger." "At one point, she was meeting rich older guys and getting them to take her shopping and buy her expensive gifts." (Honestly I say go Farrah on that one. lolz) 
According to the source Amber had a hard time in prison and was dealing with a lot of lesbian advances. "There was one woman who was obsessed with her. She was also getting death threats and people trying to put glass in her food."
There is even some alleged dirt on Catelynn... what!? The source claims that she has battled with eating disorders. The source also claims that Leah has a dark secret involving alcohol and sex. 
Chelsea is another girl who seems so sweet and innocent but the source says that she has had problems with alcohol and prescription drug use. 

Remember this is all according to an un-known source. Non of this is confirmed. I do have to say though that a most of this seems pretty legit and not too far fetched. This book threatens to expose all sorts of dirty laundry. It's so evil and yet... I kind of want to read it already. What do you think?

Amber Portwood Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison

Amber had court today after quitting her Court Drug Rehab program and was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

The judge ruled that she would be awarded time served for the time she has been in Jail. I'm not sure if that will include the time she has been on house arrest and in the rehab program.

The Judge also refereed Amber to the Indiana Department of Corrections therapeutic community program - and incarceration based treatment program. So hopefully she will be able to kick her drug habit once and for all.

Amber's lawyer tried to get her some leniency on the sentencing but to no avail. Just one week away from the return of Teen Mom on MTV this certainly is a sad way to say goodbye to Amber. 

Source: TMZ