Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Amber Portwood Talks About her Drug Use. Is MTV to Blame?

According to the Herald bulletin Evan Broderick (Amber's attorney) stated that Amber said she was prepared to go to prison and do her time. 

Amber admitted that she first used drugs when she was 13 years old but once she was started filming Teen Mom the temptations were increased. Broderick said that when Amber flew to California to meet with producers about the show, drugs were readily available and that Amber and other members of the show partied together.

Nikkole Paulun also claims that her boyfriend Josh was enabled to do drugs by MTV. She also insinuates that this could have been the case for other cast members who are too afraid to talk about it.

While in rehab Amber was sober for two and a half months but began using again when she was prescribed Hydrocodones after having gallbladder surgery. For those who don't know Hydrocodone is a pain medication that can be very addictive. 

Amber says that now looking back she wishes she had never done the show.

What do you think? Is MTV to blame for not intervening early on?


Amber interviews with ABC News about her depression and why she chose Prison:

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Interview with Farrah's Birthday Contest Winner!

Farrah held a contest open to all fans in the California area to enter. The winner would get to celebrate her 21st Birthday with her! Constants had to send in an e-mail explaining why they love Farrah and why they should get to spend that time with her. 

I caught up with the winner Austin Mathouser who was kind enough to tell me a little bit about her fun night out with Farrah. Austin is a single mom of a one year old baby girl, from southern California. She saw a post on a facebook fan page for the contest and sent in an e-mail. 

"Farrah is really sweet! and not much taller than me! (and I am 5'4) We met at the Geisha House for dinner and drinks and the food was amazing! Then we went to Kiss Lounge and stayed until the club closed!"

"We danced and talked about guys and our kids and our goals. She is really sweet! The next morning she texted me to make sure that I got home okay! She is really really nice!"

They also talked about Farrah's goals with opening her own restaurant in the future. 
"She is really down to Earth and she has been through a lot of majors in school, so she is just like us when it comes to exploring things she wants to do with school." 

Farrah comes off kind of badly on Teen Mom so I was curious to see how she would be off screen and in person Austin says "she is sooo different from what is shown on TV."

All in all this was a great experience for a super sweet fan. Farrah conducted herself very well and the girls had a lot of fun together!

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