Friday, June 8, 2012

What's Going On With Jenelle?


I'll make this one short and to the point. Jenelle and Gary broke up AGAIN but before they both deactivated their twitter accounts Gary claimed that they were talking things out. 

This guy James Duffy that just can not seem to stop hanging out with girls half his age tweeted Gary with photos of Jenelle's car outside of his house. Then a photo of Jenelle's underwear that she allegedly left at his house. Then a photo of Jenelle outside of his house. 

Jenelle claimed that the photos were from March (which is still ridiculous that she would even interact with this man at all...) and that the panties were stolen by Kieffer. 

Next thing you know Gary and Jenelle show up at Duffy's house with a GUN to get her panties back.... Why would you want them back!? Oh and I'm pretty sure Mr. Military Man shouldn't be doing stuff like this. James hid in his house as any sane person would when you have a psycho at your door with a gun... So no panties for Jenelle. 

After that I guess Gary really did believe Duffy and the two got into a fight and broke up yet again. 

Now both their twitters are gone but we were left with this photo of Jenelle so that we know just how hurt she is feeling: 

Kailyn Removes Her Tattoo

Kailyn is known to be fearless when it comes to tattoos but it seems recently she has decided to be more careful about what she chooses to have permanently tattooed on her body.

According to Celebrity Radar Kailyn decided to have her "Pride Over Pity" tattoo removed. She says that it was an impulse and she doesn't like the positioning of it. She said that "also, there are other people who have since gotten the tattoo which caused it to have less meaning to me." (wonder who that could be!)

Kailyn says that she still plans on titling her book "Pride Over Pity" because she does like the meaning behind it. Don't get too excited she said she will release a book "one day" so we have a while to wait for that one. 

Kailyn has been adding more tattoos to her body lately but she promises that they are well thought out and that she is sure about wanting them. She recently got matching tattoos with her boyfriend Javi and her best friend. She also continues to add to the masterpiece on her back.