Monday, June 18, 2012

Amber Fears For Her Life In Prison

Amber Portwood is officially in prison....
And she regrets her decision to endure prison over rehab just days after arriving. It seems that Amber did not really think this whole prison thing through. She thought it would be similar to County Jail and she couldn't have been more wrong. 

Turns out she is a target for other inmates due to her fame. A source tells OK! Magazine: "She knows she's a target for the other inmates and she really is scared for her life. She's been having panic attacks and is convinced she's going to die before she gets out." 

Amber's brother Shawn explains to Reality Weekly that "she threw in the towel. She did it on purpose because she wanted to give up." 

Maybe all that Krav Maga and Kick-Boxing lessons will come in handy when she needs to defend herself from the other inmates. Hopefully she can hold on for the 2 years or so she is estimated to serve. She should be able to get another 30 days cut from her sentencing for completing an on-site drug rehabilitation program.