Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teen Mom S4 Episode 3 Recap

Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 3 
"The Places You'll Go"

Farrah's dad came through and delivered her belongings to Florida and she was able to set up her very cute apartment. Farrah and her dad spend some quality time together while he is still in town. She looks for a part time nanny to watch Sophia while she goes to school. 
Since giving her other dog Candy away she decided to get a pet that is easier to take care of... and ends up falling in love with another puppy! 

Maci is sad to see Bentley go to the beach with his dad for a whole week... so she decides that she may want to tag along. When she tells Ryan her plans, he tells her that he has a girlfriend who is coming too. Maci goes to Ryan's parents house and asks them if its alright for her to visit the beach while they are there. They agree and then suggest that they take a family photo of just Maci, Ryan and Bentley. 
This amuses Maci and she laughs with her friends about Ryan's girlfriend not having "a chance" when she sees all the photos of Maci around Ryan's house. 

Cate and Ty prepare for their highschool graduation! Catelynn's dad and brother are attending but whether or not Butch is coming to celebrate is up in the air. He calls and tells Tyler that he isn't getting out of jail until the day after their graduation. Tyler was ready to hear that though and didn't get his hopes up. 
Catelynn tells her mom all about the visit with Carly. She wishes that she could meet Carly but just hopes that she will one day. She tells Cate how proud of her she is! It's a very sweet moment!
The time finally comes for Catelynn and Tyler to hold their heads high and walk across the stage to receive their high school diplomas! 

Gary deals with CPS and the courts so that he can take Leah to visit her mom while she is in rehab. Amber calls her brother along with a counselor about her childhood. Shawn tells her that she needs to move out of Anderson and away from Gary. Gary's mom is equally disapproving of their relationship. 
Amber is dying to see Leah but worried about seeing Gary, he knows how to push her buttons like no one else. 

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