Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where is Jordan Howard Now?

I had the opportunity to speak with Jordan Howard (Season 4 of 16 & Pregnant) and ask her a few questions about where she is in life now and how she felt about her episode. 

If you remember, Jordan's mother and Tyler did not get along and he wasn't even allowed inside the house! This episode caused a lot of controversy and debate regarding racism. You can watch Jordan's episode here.

Jordan and boyfriend Tyler are now engaged and doing great! Jordan's mom even gets along with Tyler just fine. Apparently filming just so happened to be during a time where the relationship was strained. 
"My mom got Tyler a job to work with her... we all get along fantastic." 

As far as school and work, Tyler has 2 jobs, and Jordan is going to school to be a dental assistant. They both have graduated high-school.

I asked Jordan what she thought of her episode of 16 & Pregnant.
"Even though I was the one being taped... the show left out a lot of serious things and watching the show seemed confusing to me." 

I asked her what her thoughts were about the public's reaction to the racism that was involved between her family and her boyfriend Tyler... Her reaction shocked me a bit.
"I don't see anything racist about my episode. I feel that those people are ignorant." 
I pointed out the parts of the show where her mother says things like "this isn't a white home" or "how is he going to raise a black baby?" and the constant calling of Tyler "White Boy." She simply said that "It was to be funny. Nothing Serious." She still maintains that her mom is no racist.

Something we didn't see on the show? Their son Chase was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis and stopped breathing multiple times during the first month of his life. (from choking on spit up) This is why she needed to take time off of school. This was about the time that Tyler was not coming around very much due to the tension between he and the family. Luckily Chase is doing great now! 

Who Will Be the 4th for Teen Mom 3?

3 girls from 16 & Pregnant have already been revealed for Teen Mom 3. Which is being filmed right now! Mackenzie, Alexandria, and Katie have been confirmed but who is the fourth? 
She has been good about not giving herself away but recently Briana tweeted something that may indicate her being the fourth girl for the show! 

Someone tweeted that her 15 minutes of fame were up and Briana replied: "Don't be made when you start seeing more of me on your television screen." 

It would make sense for Briana to be the last cast member, she was another fan favorite and certainly has enough baby daddy troubles to make the cut. She also made an appearance on Good Morning America with Katie Yeager. It would make sense to give the future girls of Teen Mom 3 more exposure.