Friday, June 22, 2012

Jenelle is Fighting for Custody of Jace

Last night she tweeted "I WILL get custody of my son back, with or without you." 
Honestly she could be talking to anyone with this tweet. Jenelle's friends and enemies are one in the same. You never know who is on her side at what time. She has been arguing (publicly again) with Gary and her relationship with her mother is always strained.

The good new is that Jenelle still wants to be a mother to her son. She has been going to school, living off probation, staying out of trouble (for the most part.) doing what she needs to do. Which is great... The bad news is that every other day she seems to be having a meltdown about one drama or another. Still surrounding herself with the wrong people.  Lets not forget about the recent debacle with her old buddy James Duffy. Stolen panties, boyfriend with gun, ex-boyfriend drama etc. etc. All of this made public knowledge through twitter. 

Do you think that the drama in Jenelle's personal life will interfere with her ability to regain custody of Jace? Or will it interfere with her ability to be a good mom if she does get custody? 

Whatever the outcome, I wish Jenelle and Jace a happy future.

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