Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tyler Wants To Be An Actor!

According to this interview by The Stir Tyler is interested in becoming an actor. In fact Catelynn and Tyler are moving to New Orleans Temporarily so that Ty can do just that! 

"Tyler wants to get into acting. We are going to New Orleans this summer for Tyler to act. He feels like he should go and succeed in it." He has the looks for it that is for sure. Tyler isn't the only one though, Farrah Abraham has also talked about wanting to be an actress! 

Catelynn's father mentioned something about seeing more of Catelynn and Tyler in a "mall near you." Tyler has also tweeted about launching his own.... blank. Whatever juicy things they are cooking up in New Orleans this summer, I certainly can't wait to see! 

Gary Opens Up About Amber and Leah

After many ridiculous tweets from Gary last night he actually started to talk about something substantial and worth attention. I guess since he was already tweeting a bunch of silly things fans started to ask him about Amber and about Leah. He is often accused of not really being the one who takes care of Leah. Many believe that his mother is the one who takes care of her the most. Well here is what Gary had to say:

"I've honestly been taking care of her since day 1 but she still needs a mommy.."

"I've been raising Leah solo for the past 2 years. And I have an awesome mom who helps about every other weekend. I raise her, she is well mannered."

"Amber and I are not together. She is in Prison. I just spoke with her today. First time in a couple of weeks. It's civil. And she is very much loved."