Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teen Mom S4 Episode 4 Recap

Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 4 
"Strike Out"

Farrah's neighbor Adam asks her out. They o for golf, and it's a bit awkward, I'm not gonna lie. They do seem to have fun though and after their little date he tells her that he would like to take her out for her 20th Birthday. During the day Farrah takes Sophia to the Miami Zoo which is awesome and cute. Then  at dinner with her new friend Farrah gets a bit feisty when talking about relaxing. She practically fights with this guy about how she doesn't relax. She works. She found him kind of annoying and feels that she is more responsible then him.

I have to start off with the craziest thing ever... Maci apparently texted Ryan telling him that it was stupid for him to go on vacation with Dalis because he would have had more fun with her!!! What?? All those random fans that say she still loves him may be right about that! 
Ryan asks Maci if she wants to come to the beach to see Bentley so he can get it over with. After an awkward introduction to Dalis, Bentley has a meltdown because he wants to be spending time with his dad. I want to mention that Maci comes to the beach with around 10 girlfriends. Kind of intimidating.
Maci talks about how Ryan's girlfriends will never be as good as Maci. She even says that Kyle will never be as good to Bentley as Ryan. Which I understand.. but she also referred to Dalis as "this bitch." 
Later on Maci meets up with Ryan and his family for a family photo. Maci doesn't want Dalis in the photo and lucky for her Dalis hung back and let them do their thing. Maci then invited them to a club later that night and Dalis said yes. 
Maci meets her friends for dinner before going to the club and of course Dalis is the topic of conversation. Ryan declines the invitation to go out with them. Maci wasn't too bummed but wishes she could get to know Dalis. 

Gary heads out to Malibu to see Amber. Meanwhile Amber talks more with counselors about her future. She claims that she is trying to change into a better person. Gary misunderstood the situation though and the three of them were NOT allowed to be in the same room at the same time. So Amber meets with Gary for a moment and then darts to Leah because she really seemed to miss her very much. 
Amber and Gary have a therapy session while he is there. It starts off well but Amber takes things that Gary says badly and freaks out. He honestly wasn't saying anything mean. He was just talking about what usually happens with the two of them. 
After cooling off she comes back to the conversation and commits to starting over with Gary. 

Tyler's dad Butch moves in with them and Tyler tells him to not be stupid and he can stay for the 6 months he needs to. Unfortunately Butch didn't come home when he was supposed to and Tyler had to lock him out. Tyler decides that he doesn't want to be an enabler for his father to continue to destroy his life. 
Butch finally shows back up and Tyler is less than thrilled to see him. He says he was hanging out with some buddies of his and didn't think he needed to report to Tyler. He promises though that he wont do anything like that again. 

Catelynn Lowell is NOT Pregnant

It's safe to say that there are some mixed messages out there about what's going on in Catelynn's uterus. 
Shortly after a family "friend" sold a story to InTouch magazine about Catelynn being "pregnant" she very quickly printed a story with UsWeekly clearing up the rumor.

Catelynn is NOT pregnant.

The first magazine shown above has bogus quotes from Catelynn that were given by the jerk who sold the story. Believe the second magazine, whose reporter actually spoke to Cate. She and Tyler are  busy focusing on their careers. Right now they are in New Orleans doing some business. Catelynn is still working on loosing more weight and getting healthy. She says that she wants to be married and out of school before having any more kids. 

Jenelle AND Fiance Both Arrested

Jenelle and her fiance Gary are known for their public arguments on twitter but things got physical Saturday night because Sunday Morning the two were arrested at Jenelle's home. According to Jenelle he was caught cheating and then beat Jenelle up.

According to Starcasm Jenelle was charged for assault and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. She spent the night in Jail and was released Monday on a $500 bond. Her lawyer says that drugs were not ON Jenelle but she was arrested anyway. I assume they were found in her home. Gary was charged with the same but his bond was $1000. Which is apparently low for a charge of this kind but since his Platoon Commander came to get him they went easy on him with the bail. RadarOnline reports that Gary beat up Jenelle and tried to strangle her with a bed sheet. She admitted to the police that she hit him (in self defense) which is why she was charged with simple assault. 

I wouldn't be surprised to see Gary Dishonorably Discharged. Since being with Jenelle he has seemed to do nothing but get into trouble. Jenelle seemed to be on the right track but as we all can see... weed was not something she was willing to give up for good. This is another set back or her chances of getting custody of Jace any time soon. 

Gary posted to his twitter that he and Jenelle are no longer dating that that she ruined his life.
Uh, I'm pretty sure when you hit a girl, threaten her ex with a gun, and are around weed all the time... that's kind of your own fault.

Jenelle has also been spotted with Kieffer already! That didn't take long.
She posted to Twitter finally that her phone was broken so that is why she couldn't tweet. She also reveals that she had to go to the hospital or her injuries..

Mug Shot from this arrest. Jenelle looking pretty banged up.