Thursday, June 28, 2012

Amber Not Allowed to See Leah

At least not for a few weeks. According to hollywoodlife Amber is about to go through an evaluation process to determine her permanent  placement in the facility. During that time Amber can't have any visitors but she can make outgoing phone calls. 

Her overall health (including her mental health) will be evaluated and she will be placed in one of 3 correctional facilities. I'm hoping that her mental instability is recognized and that they place her in a facility that will help her with this. 

I'm not a prison expert and I don't know much about it but I do know that there are facilities for inmates that are more like mental hospitals than prisons. Honestly I think that is where she should be. Perhaps she can really get the help that she needs to not only be sober but to get her emotions and anger under control.