Monday, July 2, 2012

Jenelle & Kieffer Together Again

Jenelle and Kieffer reunited. 
Now that her engagement to Gary Head is called off and Jenelle gave back her ring, it would be just silly of her to spend some time alone. So what does she do? Call up the guy who sold her naked photos to the tabloids. The one that allegedly stole her panties and gave them to her creep ex-boss. The guy that went to jail for putting his hands on her. Yes that's right... Kieffer. 
I'm sure Babs is super pleased about this. Jenelle claims that she is happily single. This photo of Kieffer with his arms around a pants-less Jenelle begs to differ. 

No Pants!!!

Jenelle is expecting the tweets and comments to come rolling in. She tweeted: 

Unfortunately for Jenelle... when you are on a reality television show you are kind of making it everyone's business... :/ Also if you want privacy... don't post your whole life on twitter.

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