Monday, July 9, 2012

Jenelle Evans Update

Another photo of Jenelle and kieffer was posted on Kieffer's twitter, the two look awfully comfy together but they couple still claims that they are just friends. I think a lot of Teen Mom fans will agree with me that even being "friends" with Kieffer is a bad idea. Lets not forget that this is the guy who sold nude photos of her to the tabloids. That should be unforgivable... so either Jenelle is very forgiving or she was in on that whole thing. Either way they are double trouble when they are together but we will see how it goes. 

Apparently Jenelle is going to court soon for a no contact order against Gary Head. She also has court later this month for some charges against her for her most recent arrest. (When she and Gary got into a physical fight and got caught with drugs...) 

What bout Jace? Well right now Babs isn't letting Jenelle take Jace to her house because of Jenelle's pet Pit Bull. She feels that the dog is too dangerous. Jenelle disagrees arguing that the dog is only 12 weeks, but if you have ever been around a Pit they are strong even as puppies. I personally love Pit Bulls but I still wouldn't want my toddler around one, they are just simply too strong and could easily overpower a child. 

Jenelle is still saying that she is trying to get Jace back, she set up a room for him in her home and has gotten a real job. (One that isn't just filming for MTV.)

PS: For people assuming that I'm hating on pit bulls... (even though I clearly said that I love them so obviously I have been around them before...) It isn't their violent nature or reputation that makes me uneasy around them when I have a toddler. It's the fact that they play hard and are strong, Toddlers are wobbly and weak. I wouldn't want to have my baby around a dog that I have to constantly be worrying about. Pit Bulls are fine around children if you properly train them... which is a lot of work and requires constant attention. I doubt Jenelle is doing what she needs to to make sure the dog is 100% trustworthy around a child. Dogs are a product of their owners.

Danielle Cunningham Is In Jail!

Yesterday afternoon Danielle Cunningham of 16 & Pregnant was arrested for pushing her grandmother! A source tells '' exclusively that Danielle and her grandmother got into a fight yesterday when her grandmother locked her out of the house. 

The verbal argument turned physical when Danielle's grandmother pushed her and Danielle pushed back! The police were called and Danielle was taken into custody. 

She was released a day later.