Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Teen Mom S4 Episode 6 Recap

Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 6
"Temper Tantrums

Amber wants to go home but it may be too soon. She talks to her therapists about it and they all tell her the same thing, that she needs more time to heal. She hasn't made a ton of progress as far as anger goes. Apparently she got into an argument with someone recently and threatened the person. Which makes her counselors think that she isn't ready to leave at all. Amber has what seems like a crystallizing moment where she realized that if she would have been able to stop herself from getting angry and fight with Gary her whole life could have been different. In the end Amber decides to stick it out for 2 more weeks.

Butch had to have a background check in order to stay in Catelynn and Tyler's trailer park. Unfortunately he didn't make the cut and needs to find a new place to live. Butch leaves and Tyler goes to his moms house to talk. He is obviously sad that he is leaving but also is still stressed out about where his dad is going to go and how he is going to live. Catelynn is more relieved that her home is back to normal. 

Farrah shows off her new apartment to her sister Ashley who loves the place. The two talk about when their mom shows up for the last few days of Ashley's visit and they are worried. Farrah and Ashley make Debra wear a blue wig for funsies and to torture her I guess.  The girls leave Sophia with Debra while they go out and what does Debra do? Fall asleep while watching her! So of course Sophia gets into the nail polish and paints their dog. Debra thinks its no big deal but Farrah flips out as would I. 
They make the best of it and try to go out to eat. Where Ashley and Farrah tell Debra how they feel. Ashley goes as far as to say her mother is a "Satanic Pshyco Bi**h." 
After Farrah pulls herself together in the bathroom and comes back out to eat and get through the lunch for Sophia's sake. After that Farrah for some odd reason leaves Sophia with Debra again so that she and Ashley can go out for a bit. They talk about the fact that they aren't close to their mom. Farrah wants things to be different with Sophia.

Maci decides to put Bentley in pre-school. He is almost 3 and she wants him ready for Kindergarten. They go to the school to check things out, they leave Bentley in the classroom for a snack while they talk about the tuition. Bentley looks adorable and sad while they are away. Ryan of course feels there is no need for Daycare, because Bentley is only 2 and half here (this was all filmed a year ago.) His mom agrees and doesn't think Ryan should miss time with Bentley because Maci wants him in daycare. 
Maci takes him anyway though so he will be going on Maci's days. 

Only 6 new episodes remain of the original TEEN MOM!! 
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Lindsey Harrison Turns Down Teen Mom 3!

Lindsey Harrison took to twitter to call out a "blogger" who took her tweets out of context and blew them out of proportion. It looks like the original tweets are gone but the gist of it was that she said something about Catelynn and Tyler and the show not really showing Teen Parental struggles. After Heather Clouse blasted her on the internet for "bashing" Catelynn and Tyler, Lindsey quickly apologized to Catelynn and Tyler and made her feelings very clear. 

"@CatelynnLowell I would never disrespect you. Heather is a b**ch who is mad I put her in her place before. So anything I say gets taken out of context." -Lindsey

She and Catelynn privately messaged each other after that and all was forgiven. BUT during the angry tweets by Lindsey she slipped out some information about Teen Mom 3.

"FYI, I told MTV no for Teen Mom 3... my family hated filming, mainly Forest. It wasn't worth the home drama and the stress that goes with it." -Lindsey

She also says that her family would complain to her about it. So this confirms that Lindsey can also be crossed off the list of potential Teen Mom 3 cast members. So far Mackenzie, Katie and Alexandria are all confirmed. Now with Lindsey admitting that she is not part of the cast it looks more likely that Briana is our 4th girl.