Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jenelle & Kieffer Official Again

Jenelle has finally admitted via Twitter that she and Kieffer are back together. She says "I don't care what anyone thinks. Kieffer has changed for the better, everyone sees it but you guys because you don't see what happens everyday." 

The only thing that I can't get past... at all... is the fact that Kieffer was involved in a ton of Jenelle drama very recently. Selling her nude photos... giving her ex-boss her underwear... etc. 

Jenelle claims that Kieffer has a job and a car which is a plus and that her mom has forgiven him. She also says that Kieffer treats Jace like his own son and that she hopes to marry Kieffer one day... but not anytime soon. 

Jenelle spoke with and confirmed: "He is living with me and paying half my bills. And Gary never paid sh*t or help me with anything."