Monday, July 23, 2012

Kailyn Swims With Sharks!

Today Kailyn Lowry's awesome boyfriend Javi surprised her with a trip to The Adventure Aquarium in Camden NJ to swim with sharks! She of course was stoked and tweeted like crazy about it. I have to say Javi knows just how to treat Kailyn, screw chocolate and flowers, this girl wants adventure! I do believe this was on her summer bucket list as well, so it is super sweet that he made this happen for her. 

The aquarium they went to is really awesome and it gets you up close and personal with a lot of amazing creatures! Kailyn and Javi got in their wet suits and got to actually be in the water with the sharks and sting rays as well!

Hey is that a film crew I see? 

They of course got Isaac some souvenirs while there!