Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teen Mom S4 Episode 7 Recap

Teen Mom Season 3 Episode 7
"Fresh Start"

Ashley went back home but Farrah's mom is still in FL with her so she is trying to make the best of it. Farrah leaves Sophia with grandma so she can go out on a date with a super cute guy who actually seems pretty cool. On Debra's last night in Florida she, Farrah, and Sophia head to dinner. It looks pretty late and Sophia is cranky. Farrah has a decent conversation with her mom about the new guy in her life. It all goes pretty well! When she takes her mom to the airport to go home she gets a text from Daniel and they decide to go out again. This time its horseback riding! They seem to have a great time and even have their first kiss while riding separate horses! 

Tyler gets on Catelynn about signing up for classes and getting her poop together. He tells her that if single moms can go to school and work and take care of a child that she should be able to work and go to school. Harsh but true. Cate tries to decide what career path she is going to take. She really hates school and you can tell she is nervous about it. 
Then a turn for the random.. Tyler takes his mom to the salon to have her hair done. He said that she has had the same hair for 20 years and she needs a change! Ha!! Which by the way looks great when its done. 

Amber is ready to come home and her mom cleaned her house for her so that it would be nice when she arrived. Gary is nervous about her return home because he will be the one for her to lean on. Amber says in one of her last therapy sessions that she is worried about the people in her small town trying to get the worst out of her. Which I believe because before heading to rehab her car and home were vandalized. Even just from looking online at comments you can see how blunt people are about their feelings when it comes to her and her life. When Amber arrives in IN she is greeted by her mom who takes her home and shows her the freshly cleaned house. The next day Amber finally gets to see her little girl. 

Bentley's first day of pre-school, he isn't happy about it but it goes pretty well. Ryan doesn't care for the structure and scheduling of pre-school but he does tell Maci that he is going to check it out while he is there picking Bentley up. Maci sometimes acts like Ryan is so unreasonable but he does try and he is serious when he needs to be. Unfortunately though, he gets stuck in traffic and isn't able to pick up Bentley from daycare. So Maci picks him up and his little face lights up when he sees his mom. 
Ryan picks Bentley up from Maci's and has a cute conversation with Bentley in his truck on the way home. He also talks to Dalis on the phone and tells her he loves her. He sounds much more pleasant while with Dalis. Once home Ryan's mom brings up Ryan possibly going for joint custody of Bentley.