Friday, July 27, 2012

Jenelle Evans Broke!?

Not too long ago Jenelle was fighting off rumors of her blowing all of her Teen Mom income. Now she has taken to her social sites to admit that she is broke. She tweeted earlier today that she was hungry, and that she had no food or money. At the same time she posted on her personal facebook that she was going on 2 days without food. 

I personally don't believe that between Barbara, Kieffer and Jenelle's random friends that anyone would let her starve. I also can't help feeling like this is an exaggeration. Jenelle has more than one source of income so the odds of her being completely broke seems slim to me... unless she really is blowing all of her money. Jenelle is a Star Scentsy consultant which means she is able to sell more than $500 in products per month add the 25 % of her personal sales with the percentage of her group sales (all the people who signed up under her) she isn't doing too bad. She probably isn't rich from Scentsy but is at least making one decent payment from there a month. She also updates on now... which pays weekly. Judging from her following I'm going to assume she makes a significant amount more than I do. So that is Scentsy, Sulia, and MTV. Oh I almost forgot, her new job working at a casino... According to this interview with Jenelle's former boss... she reportedly makes $85,000 a year. She certainly makes more than a lot of adults with families do. 

So... is she really starving to death? If so... where did all her money go?

The rumors that were swirling recently were that Jenelle had blown money on material things and drugs. Perhaps she is funding Kieffers new pipe making business? As soon as the two got back together he got a fancy new website and was ordering "exotic wood" for his business. Jenelle posted a photo of the two out at a nice restaurant just last week. She did say that Kieffer has a job and pays half the bills now... so wouldn't her finances be better now? 

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