Monday, July 30, 2012

Farrah Abraham on 'The Moms View'

Farrah recently appeared on "The Mom's View" for an interview in which she talks about the final season of Teen Mom, her relationship with her parents, bullying and responds to viewer questions!

Check it out: 

Jenelle Evans Caught Doing Drugs

Today Jenelle's own youtube account was hacked and a very incriminating video was uploaded to her account. It's only a few seconds long but shows Jenelle sniffling and then leaning over and starting to snort a line of some kind of drug. 

You can tell that whoever took it, did it on purpose and secretly for the purpose of posting at some point or another. They make sure to end it quickly before anyone noticed. 

They posted this under the video: " I love to party and do drugs. I constantly lie and tell everyone that I am clean and I don't do drugs. I'll never get my son back because I would rather do this than spend time with him." 

Update: Looks like James Duffy is the culprit who posted the video. He tweets: "That's crushed up Xanax, it was shot about 3-4 months ago." Jenelle says that it was a pixie stick... and that she was dared to do it. Honestly I don't know which one is dumber. When I watched the video she was sniffling really hard like she had already been doing lines. In my opinion if it were a pixie stick she would have only done it once.

Maci & Kyle Together Again

Kyle and Maci playfully told their twitter followers that they were together again. Kyle asked Maci via tweet if she would be his "gf." These two have pretty obviously been on and off for the past several months. I guess they have worked things out though since they are making it more public that they are an item. 

Loads of fans have been dying to see the couple back together. So its about time they let them know what is going on. It's been pretty obvious though, with the flirting and the photos etc. Also the fact that Maci always said she wouldn't have him in and out of Bentley's life, so the fact that they have little family days together speaks volumes to me. 

Hopefully it works out for them. I normally don't have faith in relationships that are on and off but who knows, they might just work out. :)