Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teen Mom S4 Episode 8 Recap

Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 8
"The Next Step"

Tyler gets a call from April who informs him that she was hanging out with Butch (which shouldn't have been happening since there is a no contact order) and they ended up getting into a fight that led to him being arrested and thrown back in prison. April is pretty bruised up from the fight. Tyler tells Cate what happened so she goes over to her mom's house to check on her.
April explains the crazy fight that they had the night before and shows her the holes in the wall and how Butch choked her with a towel. She then gets emotional telling Catelynn how sorry she is for everything she has done in the past, especially when Catelynn placed Carly for adoption. Turns out April was only following Butches lead in being angry about the adoption. She says that she is sorry she ever chose a man over Catelynn. Then she has an equally emotional conversation with Tyler about his dad and how he chose drugs over his loved ones. 

Gary is still great at pushing Amber's buttons and saying all the wrong things. Amber wanted to come by for a minute and see her before bed but was shot down. Gary almost seemed intoxicated while talking to her, his behavior was just odd. He wouldn't even agree to let Amber see Leah the next day.  When he finally does agree, he is rude on the phone with Amber's cousin Krystal so Amber looses her temper and calls him a name of course. Gary and Amber fight again on the phone right before he drops Leah off with her. 
There is one good part of this episode, Amber and Krystal take their kids to the playground and seem to have a really good time. 

This episode kicks off with Farrah taking Sophia to ride a pony which is super cute and fun. She decides that she should introduce Sophia to Daniel her new boyfriend. First though she has her first day of school! This episode shows a little bit of the terrible twos while Sophia is extra crazy and toddler-ish in this episode. She takes Sophia out to dinner with Daniel and they have a good time. Daniel seems nice and genuine and even skypes Farrah's mom with her.

Maci's landlord sold the house she has been renting so now its time to find a new place to live. They talk about buying a home instead of renting. They look for houses and Maci talks about buying a house with Kyle and how she isn't ready to marry him or have kids with him yet. Of course her mother says its a great idea so they are going to go for it. They keep saying that they aren't going to break up but they actually do break up not long after buying this new house. They find a house that they like that has a huge back yard. It's $79,000 and just needs some TLC and seems perfect for them. So they sign the papers.