Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Farrah Admits to Abusing Drugs After Sophia Was Born

Farrah's new book "My Teenage Dream Ended" is coming out very soon. So Farrah is spilling some juicy and shocking details of her life to the media, most likely to get people wanting to read her book.

In an interview with InTouch Farrah admits to abusing cocaine and marijuana after Sophia was born. She was having a meltdown due to Derek's death and the struggles of being a single teen mother. Farrah started to spiral out of control.

She admits to wanting to kill herself. Which would be 2 out of 4 of the original Teen Moms with that problem. 
"I figured I would drown myself in the bathtub, it seemed like the easiest way to go." She even contemplated the letter she would leave for Sophia.

"When I drank I'd be happy for 10 minutes... when I got high, I'd feel a sense of nothingness for about an hour. But in the end my negative emotions always came rushing back." 

"I realized I was being selfish.... The most important thing is making sure that Sophia's well taken care of. How am I going to do that if I'm dead?" 

She goes on to talk about how therapy helped her and she was diagnosed with clinical depression. It looks like Farrah's new book is going to give people a new perspective on Farrah and her life.