Friday, August 3, 2012

Teen Mom Series Finale Spoiler!!

Today I picked up a copy of OK! magazine to see what all the fuss was about. I normally don't even bother with this particular magazine because I find a lot of things incorrect, but I just had to see what they had written. The title says: "Baby News! Which Teen Mom is having another kid!??" 

The answer would be... none of them. There is a source in the article claiming that Maci keeps pushing Kyle for a child but sorry there will be no baby bombshell on the series finale. (unless Maci pulls another "baby fever" moment and tries to talk Kyle into it. Even so... no one is pregnant yet.)

The article also says that Maci and Kyle are broke and that is one reason for Kyle putting on the brakes with the baby making. From all the money dropping I see from Maci lately I doubt she is broke but I do wonder if she is on her way there.

However there was one part of this article that is very plausible. It is revealed that during the finale there will be a heartbreaking moment where Amber signs over her parental rights to Gary. 

The source quoted Amber saying "I screwed up my own life enough... why screw up someone else's worse?" 

This did in fact happen last spring. From what I understand it was a way to get CPS out of their lives after a long investigation that (as you can see during this season) was making raising Leah very difficult.  It did work and the investigation was closed. From the way the story-line is being set up for this final season, that would be the most logical place to end her story. 

Amber's brother Shawn who seems to always be talking to magazines gives a little update on how she is doing in prison. "Amber is very depressed. She realizes now that she made a bad decision by going to jail. She misses her family and feels guilty about all of the things she did to hurt them. He also says that she does call Leah everyday.