Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jenelle Evans Another Nude Photo Scandal

Recently Jenelle's on and off boyfriend Kieffer posted this nude photo of he and Jenelle on twitter. He is covering her behind just enough but the photo really doesn't leave much to the imagination. 

Jenelle stated via twitter today that she approved the photo and that SHE told him to post it online. 

Not too long ago while the couple were broken up Kieffer sold nude photos of Jenelle to the tabloids for a nice paycheck. (Before and after shots of when she got her breast augmentation.) Does posting this photo prove that she has forgiven Kieffer and no longer cares if her naked body is on the internet for the world to see? Or maybe now that its already out there she sees no point in not posting more naked photos...

Some are lead to believe that Jenelle never really cared and perhaps was in on the selling of her nude photos. Did Jenelle and Kieffer team up to use the tabloids to make money? 

What do you think?