Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Teen Mom S4 Episode 9 Recap

Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 9 
"By the Rules" 

Amber talks to her therapist from rehab on the phone and she is already starting to stray from her plans of bettering her life. Gary drops the bomb on Amber that he is going out of town once again and leaving Leah with his mom. Amber gets really upset when he wont explain why he keeps doing it. 
Gary moves in this episode to a pretty nice house, much better than the last place. 
Gary tells Amber that Leah is at his moms house so Amber goes over to see her and they aren't there. She has a mini anxiety attack not knowing where her daughter is. 
She does finally get a hold of Gary's mom and Leah is safely dropped off. Amber isn't really happy about not having her dropped off on time though, so she tries to talk to Gary's mom about their communication. 

Tyler decides to go to court and support Butch, even though it is painful for him knowing his father admitted to caring more about cocaine than his family. It ends up being a disappointment when Butch spots April in the crowd and shakes his head in disapproval. He tries to convince the judge to let him out so that he can study law and represent himself in trial.... which of course the judge denies because he wasn't born yesterday. Tyler thinks about cutting ties with his dad because he doesn't want to watch Butch kill himself. 
Meanwhile April decides to turn her life around and quit drinking for good. 

Farrah struggles with doing school work with Sophia running around crazy. Daniel tries to help get Sophia to sleep and ends up taking some oft he stress off of Farrah. She still is having a hard time dealing with it all and ends up asking her mom to take Sophia back to Iowa for a month so Soph can visit with family while she gets through the quarter and passes her classes. Of course her mom is delighted by the news and agrees to take Sophia for a while so Farrah can focus on school and do what she needs to do to better her future.
Farrah's mom comes to FL and they all go to dinner so that she can meet Daniel. He is very polite and nice as usual and helps out with Sophia. Debra lays some hard questions on him as mothers do. 

Kyle signs the papers for the new house but they aren't quite ready to move in yet. There is work to be done before they can move in all their stuff. Maci finally tells Ryan that she and Kyle bought a house, he responds well and seems happy for her. It wasn't enough for her though and she still looked kind of disappointed when she told Kyle his reaction.
Ryan talks with Dalis later about legalizing his rights to Bentley. They both know that Maci isn't going to take it well. Meanwhile Maci and Kyle get started working on the house. Maci paints the kitchen cabinets either black or dark brown, I'm not sure but it looked cute. 
Bentley is not pleased with the new house. He gets a bit upset while looking at it and refuses to choose a bedroom. Kyle shows him the yard but no dice. He will be okay though.
Maci and Kyle make the house look super cute with a fresh coat of paint and some elbow grease. They move their stuff in and everything falls into place.