Friday, August 10, 2012

Farrah's Abraham's New Album

Farrah Abraham recently released a single (Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom) from her new soundtrack for her book "My Teenage Dream Ended."

The song has been a target for endless ridicule due to the overuse of auto-tuning and the inability to understand most of the lyrics. Farrah spoke with about the bashing she has received over the song explaining that it is more a form of therapeutic art for her. Not meant to be a pop song listened to over and over, but a song that directly reflects a portion of her book.

"Ther's going to be lots of criticism everywhere. Most people don't look at it as therapeutic. To me, that was therapeutic. It was also another way for me to express myself. I'm an artist, I'm an entrepreneur. I love to dive in and experience new things now in a positive way. I have to say that they've only heard one song... they haven't heard all of the songs that go with the book. It is a book track. It is not like a Kanye West Soundtrack or an album. The titles of those songs match 10 of the titles in the book, and those are the most important, I would say, times in my life as a teenager. I thought it was really cool to have the opportunity to record my book because lots of teenagers, myself included like music sometimes over book reading. I thought it was a great way to share other emotions through music rather than just reading." 

Listen to the song here: