Sunday, August 12, 2012

Maci Bookout Turns 21

Friday August 10th 2012 Maci turned 21 and had an epic blow out in Charlotte North Carolina at a nightclub called Butter. Which is a really nice place from the photos I've seen of it. 

The club was more than happy to host the party and give Maci the star treatment. They even surprised her with a Birthday cake that she shoved her face into after blowing out the candles! The party was open to anyone so fans piled in and Maci spent the night drinking and taking photos with them. According to the Ashley's Reality Roundup Maci was really sweet to her fans and treated them well. Which is refreshing to hear, I've talked with some other people who have met her that said quite the opposite. So its nice to see her having fun with her fans and appreciating them. 

You can see in photos Maci and her friends dancing on bars, laughing and having a great time. From the looks of it, it was a pretty sweet bash!