Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teen Mom S4 Episode 10 Recap

Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 10
"Change of Plans" 

Catelynn and Tyler are trying to figure out what they are going to major in, they know they want something in human services. They are confused about what their major should be to get them the jobs that they want. Tyler's mom and everyone else is concerned because a lot of the time when people take breaks they end up not going back. They get a little update on Carly via e-mail from Brandon and Teresa. She started pre-school and loves it! Catelynn and Tyler meet with some people who can help them figure things out and they decide to start classes in the winter. 

Amber is on the hunt for a new house since she isn't allowed to have Leah over night while she lives in this one. On the day she was supposed to have Leah she also had to go look at houses. Of course Gary says to her that if she doesn't "want" to have Leah then he is going to hang up because he doesn't want anything to do with her. Which presses that button in Amber's brain that says Go Crazy and Freak Out! They argue and nothing is resolved. Amber goes to look at a house. Which honestly is way too big and fancy. I know she made a ton of money on Teen Mom but this house looks way expensive. 

Maci :
Bentley's Birthday is coming up soon so Maci starts thinking about what she wants to do for him. First she has a little yard sale to get rid of stuff. While doing that she gets an angry text from Ryan. Apparently Maci tweeted about how much easier things would be if she and Ryan were together. Well Dalis didn't appreciate that since SHE is the one with Ryan now... which in turn made Ryan really angry at Maci. When he comes to pick up Bentley he talks to her and they agree that they need to get along for Bentley's sake. Ryan still thinks that Maci tweets things just to start drama between her and Dalis and he is not happy about it. 

Daniel and Farrah head to Austin Texas to meet his family and have a good time. Sophia is with Debra and is happy as can be. Farrah and Daniel have an awkward dinner with his parents where Farrah mildly insults his step-mom? by telling her she is going to be a "lone bird" since she is over 50 and hasn't had kids. Uhhhhhh
Then Farrah and Daniel go shopping and then out on a boat where Farrah pressures the crap out of him to get married. She tells him that she really wants to get engaged and wants a commitment from him. Since its only been a month and a half ... he really doesn't want to hear it. So while out with friends they must have argued and she went back to the hotel room alone. He never came back to the hotel and Farrah headed home the next day alone.