Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Teen Mom S4 Episode 11 Recap

Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 11
"For the Best"

Maci and Kyle decide it might be better for Bentley if everyone in his family celebrated his Birthday together. So they want to invite Ryan and Dalis ... but she has Bentley do it. So he invites Ryan's parents and leaves a voice mail for Ryan. Once Bentley does get a hold of him he says he will see what he can do. He ends up texting Maci that he can't go. So after Maci talks about him to everyone she tries to make the best of Bentley's party. Ryan isn't happy that she had Bentley's hopes up before asking him if he wanted to do the Birthday party. He asks Maci why she did that and she lied to his face and told him that it was all Bentley's idea... The episode started off with her talking about inviting him....

Amber gets ready to move into that huge beautiful house (which she never got to move into by the way) and Gary springs on him that she owes him $400 a month for Leah's daycare/pre-school. Amber goes to leave Leah with Gary and there is a sad moment where Leah has a meltdown. Amber doesn't understand how CPS could keep them apart when its obviously hurting Leah. Gary suggests him getting custody of Leah to end this whole CPS thing. If Gary has full custody, CPS wont need to be investigating Amber any longer and the no contact order will be lifted. I'm surprised Amber wants to do this. Gary has repeatedly used Leah as a weapon by threatening to take her away. She is putting a lot of trust in Gary to do this. 

Farrah can't figure out why on Earth Daniel broke up with her and abandoned her in Texas. According to her she has no idea what happened or why he left her. She spends as much time with Sophia as she can before her mom takes her back to Iowa for a month. She needs to get through school and wants Sophia to visit the family for a while so she can really focus. So she drops Debra and Sophia off at the airport and immediately looks sad. 

Tyler's mom is having a hard time not being a part of Carly's life. She talks to Tyler about seeing a counselor to deal with her emotions about it. Tyler and Catelynn talk to April about Butch and wonder why he was so against placing Carly for adoption when he clearly doesn't care about the grandchildren he can see. April is resisting talking to him while he is in jail. Later, their adoption counselor Dawn comes by and talks to Kim and April about their feelings as grandparents of Carly. 

Catelynn Lowell Gets Extensions!

Catelynn is infamous for her short spunky hairstyle we all see every week on Teen Mom... but today she went to the salon and got a major change! She dragged Tyler along (I'm sure he went willingly considering he seemed very comfortable taking his mom to one in a recent episode!). 

Cate doesn't seem to be like the other girls who are getting their hair done professionally all the time. She tweeted her excitement about getting her hair done today and asked fans for opinions. I think a lot of fans were dying to see her with long hair so that's what she got! Check out these awesome extensions! 

Tyler loves it of course : "Damn girl! You look sexy as hell!"

So what do you think? Does Catelynn look better with short hair or long hair? 

Jenelle Didn't Know her Son Had Surgery

Jenelle has started writing a personal blog on her website, her most recent post had some shocking news. Apparently Jace had surgery on Sunday and no one told her. She doesn't say what he had surgery for but the blog entry suggests that he is fine. Jenelle can't spend any time with him until Friday. 

I'm not sure if Jenelle knew he was going to have surgery and just didn't know when or if she was completely out of of the loop. It's surprising to me that Barbara wouldn't tell her... or maybe she couldn't get a hold of Jenelle? We don't know the whole story but according to Jenelle she wasn't aware and is really upset. She writes: "If something went wrong during the surgery I wouldn't have been there..."

She talks about the fact that her mother wont give back custody and she can't understand why. 
"I go to school, work 3 jobs online at home, took volunteer parenting classes, completed 12 months probation and was sober for 8 months of that period, AND took anger management classes. Also I've been seeing my psychiatrist regularly and taking my medication for my bi-polar disorder as prescribed. I don't know... I'm very furious and frustrated but I guess I'll have to wait until my expungement goes through for my criminal record and then I'll be able to fight for custody."

The fact that she said she was sober for 8 months of her probation and not "I'm completely sober and have been since August of last year." leads me to believe that she is back to smoking again. -_-

Jenelle still has so much to learn about being a responsible adult. She has moved more times than I can count just this year alone, she has been back and forth with guys this year (which means they are in and out of Jace's life too) and she hasn't been able to hold a job outside of her home or stay away from serious drama that could hurt Jace. 

Jenelle's Latest Nude Photo

Oh Jenelle. I wasn't sure if I even wanted to write about this but there is so much to be said. 
I have always rooted for Jenelle. I've said time and time again that "everyone makes mistakes" and that she is a good person at heart. Maybe she just needed to hit rock bottom before she could turn things around. Sadly Jenelle continues to make the wrong decisions over and over again. Letting people in and out and back into her life that are no good for her, whether it be friends or boyfriends. 

She has been in a twitter war with her ex-boss/lover/friend/whatever James Duffy for quite some time now. He is always threatening Jenelle with nude photos of her that he will sell or release. Kieffer beat him to it when he sold her nude before and after surgery shots just a matter of months ago... but that didn't stop James from posting yet another 3 nude photos of her. This time she was laying on a bench (outside) completely naked and posing for the camera.

Jenelle hasn't said much about the photo or when or why it was taken... but apparently she knows who had the photo and how it came into the hands of James. The photos are clearly of her before her breast augmentation so it is not a very recent photo. It does look to be taken within the last year or two. Which begs the question... why on Earth do people on television take these photos? yeah yeah some people take them in the privacy of their home for their significant other but... when you are in the public eye, you can't do these things. They will get out, they always do. 

I think this is also a lesson for young girls. This sort of activity is not for teens to engage in. IF you are the kind of person that likes to take nude photos of yourself, you might want to wait until you are older, married, an adult and make sure that you aren't a reality TV star...

When the photo was posted Jenelle tweeted: "leave me the f**k alone. PLEASE. I hope you die. I'm so upset. I tried to stay strong... What's really sad is I have no one here to support me. I'm laying on Jace's bed wishing he was here. Crying. Bye." 

Mackenzie Douthit Buys Her 1 Year Old a Horse

If anyone is questioning whether or not Mackenzie is going to be on Teen Mom 3, just look at what she has done this summer. She has gone to cheer camp, spent tons of time hanging out with friends, bought a new car, and how bought a pony for her son Gannon's first Birthday! She certainly hasn't been living the life of a normal teenage mother that is for sure. Thankfully though she is going to beauty school so at least we know she is a little bit grounded! 

That being said lets get to the cute stuff. She recently posted photos of the new pony which has yet to be named yet. She is asking her followers what to name him. This will be Gannon's first horse. In case you don't remember Mackenzie and boyfriend Josh are into the whole riding horses thing and doing rodeos. I'm sure we will see it all on Teen Mom 3 come spring of next year.

Catelynn Lowell's Stance on Abortion

Catelynn has the same outlook that I do on abortion. In certain situations it is understandable but for the most part adoption is the best option. (Other than not getting pregnant in the first place of course..)

Catelynn recently tweeted: "This is so wrong! #chooselife Woman 20 weeks pregnant has abortion" She included the link to this article:  http://www.lifenews.com which is highly disturbing. 

I actually have had people debate this topic with me. Which is sad because I don't see any reason for anyone to ever have an abortion at 5 months pregnant. If you could wait 5 months then obviously you could have dealt with the whole pregnancy and just adopt the babies out. Sadly that wasn't the case and this woman did in fact abort her 5 month old babies. The story makes me want to cry honestly, because there was no real reason for it. Crazy how heartless people can be in this world.