Thursday, August 23, 2012

Farrah Abraham's New Man

Farrah recently did an interview with Ryan Seacrest and talks about the new guy in her life who she just so happened to meet a few months ago while doing an interview with Ryan Seacrest! 

According to the Facebook Page for Ryan Seacrest's show: 
"Back in June, one of our staff members Jonathan traded phone numbers with MTV's "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham after gifting her with a bouquet of roses when she dropped by for an interview. Surprisingly the two went on a date THAT NIGHT and kept in touch thereafter. Now three months later, Farrah is back in town and not only did the pair go on a second date but she's staying in Jonathan's house!!"

Back in June

Apparently she is staying with Jonathan while in LA but she is actually living back home in Iowa, no longer in Florida. I have a feeling Farrah will be moving to California very soon so that she can be closer to her modeling agency and further her career. 

The story is very cute and I hope things work out for them! Listen to the interview with Ryan here, she covers her new relationship, her book, Teen Mom and more: