Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Teen Mom Series Finale Recap

Teen Mom Series Finale
"Wake Up" 

April is working on staying sober. She says that she should probably divorce Butch but she loves him. Catelynn and Tyler take her brother for the night so her mom can go out and have some grown up time. Tyler's dog poos on the floor and he does the right thing in disciplining the dog but goes overboard with the screaming at him and makes Nick cry. I felt so bad for that little boy he looked so devastated. Tyler realizes that his temper is out of control so he decides to talk to a counselor about it. He ends up opening up about his father and his fears that his dad will die alone. Tyler writes a letter to his father basically cutting ties with him and telling him that he can't go on this way. Tyler confesses to Cate that sometimes he does wish that they had kept Carly... but he is happy with their decision. They both are.

Amber is dating someone knew and he actually doesn't look like a loser this time. He has a place of his own and takes care of himself. The two go out for Italian food. Gary is upset though because he claims that he wanted to be with her. Even though he hasn't been acting like it. So even though Amer and Gary agree to throw Leah a party together, he goes ahead and does one on his own without her. Gary and Amber have court the next day to deal with custody but after a major fight Amber is re-thinking giving up her rights. Gary threatened to keep Leah away from her... again. He later apologizes and tells Amber that he wont keep Leah from her and that things will be better when they can see each other whenever they want. So Amber agrees to sign over full custody to Gary.  Amber gets Leah the next day so she can celebrate her birthday with her. They make pink cupcakes and open presents. 

Bentley celebrates his 3rd Birthday with Ryan and family, and has an awesome time. Maci is sad that he is growing up so fast. She is doing better in school in this year now that she isn't taking too many classes at once. Ryan meets with an attorney to talk about getting his rights legalized.  Ryan asks Maci for Bentley's birth certificate and naturally she says no. Ryan wants to split Bentley's time differently now, he says he wants a week at her house and then a week at his house. Dalis and Ryan's parents help him realize that he needs to focus on what will be good for everyone and that he isn't just doing things to upset Maci. (Maybe people will see that Dalis is GOOD for him now!) Maci says that she isn't worried about court but is still upset by the situation. She almost gets emotional but agrees to give Ryan a copy of Bentley's birth certificate. 

Sophia is with her grandma in Iowa while Farrah is working on school. She takes a bar-tending class to strengthen her culinary resume and has been able to focus on school. She is still really sad to be without Sophia though. She decides to look at a school for Sophia so that she doesn't have to leave her with babysitters so much. She leaves Florida at 4am to fly to Iowa and get Sophia. She is ecstatic to see her little girl. 
Farrah talks about when Derek proposed to her! Apparently when they were 16 he proposed and she said no. Now she regrets it and gets very emotional talking about it. She says next time someone proposes she isn't going to miss out again.

You may now cry your eyes out.