Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Teen Mom Season 4 Reunion Part One Recap

Teen Mom Season 4 
Reunion Special Part One

Dr. Drew reads a statement from Amber saying that she had a probation violation and couldn't be there for filming. There will be more about her later in the part 2 reunion. 

Catelynn and Tyler:

Catelynn talks about how intense the season was and the emotions that they went through. Catelynn and Tyler announce that they have chosen a wedding date. They decided to get married sooner than they had planned because of how long they had been together. Catelynn has started planning and already has her dress.

Something fans may not have known is that Catelynn and Tyler were "bad" angsty teenagers before having Carly. They weren't always the responsible and mature people they are today. Apparently they got into a lot of trouble in highschool. They talk a bit about how they both came from broken homes. Tyler with his father being in and out of prison his whole life. Catelynn with her mother being an alcoholic and having a dad that left. After having Carly they realized what is important in life and straightened their lives out. Now they want to counsel teens that are in the same situations they were in.

They talk about their visit with Carly, she is growing and has a big personality for being such a small little girl! It's good to hear how well she is doing. They play a clip of Catelynn's 16& Pregnant episode which makes me bawl uncontrollably. She says that her fans helped her through depression after placing Carly and she thanks them very much for their love and support.


She kicks off her portion of the show talking about the month she had Sophia staying with Debra. She is in tears instantly and explains that her plan of putting herself together during that break didn't work out the way she thought it would. Lesson learned. She talks about the guys she has dated and she believes they only dated her because of her reality TV star status. She explains her break up with Daniel. Apparently he got weird during the Texas trip and told her she should take a taxi back to the hotel. 

Dr. Drew brings up the fact that she calls her father Michael. He asks why she does this. She has 2 stories, one that she has said in interviews before is that she calls him that because that is how she was raised. Her story in this interview was that she calls him Michael because she doesn't respect him. Oh Farrah. All the defending of you I have done... out the window! 

Farrah is upset that their parents want to be so involved in her life and involved with each other. She is still very upset with the fact that her parents treated her poorly when Derek was alive. 

I have to say the reunion was not as epic as I'd hoped it would be!