Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Amber Portwood Fallen Ill in Prison

Amber is currently in Prison serving her 5 year sentence for a probation violation. Things seemed to be going okay for her in there up until recently. Apparently Amber has fallen Ill and can't be treated by a doctor for many weeks.  

Amber's brother Shawn says:
"She has an abscess in her mouth that's gotten so big and swollen that her whole jaw is puffed out. Her mouth has become infected and the pain is making her so sick that she can't sleep, and hasn't eaten a thing in three days... It needs to be done now if the infection gets in her blood stream it can be life-threatening." 

Amber called her mother, begging her to try for an appeal so that she can be released early and see a doctor faster. She is in a lot of pain. It is sad to hear that she is ill. She is in my prayers!