Sunday, September 9, 2012

Updates - September 2012

There are some updates on some of the girls that I would like to post but none really need a full blog entry so I'll just do a mass update here! 

So this is what the Teen Mom ladies have been up this week:

Maci and Bentley went on a road trip with Kyle for a motor-cross event. 
Ryan and Dalis were spotted meeting with their MTV producer/manager. Perhaps talking about Maci's "rumored" spin off show? 

Farrah has been on a book tour and making a lot of silly but interesting youtube videos. Her boyfriend also recently broke up with her through text message. 

Catelynn and Tyler were also out meeting with their MTV "family." I'm hoping to discuss the future filming of their wedding which is supposed to take place next summer. 

Amber as I've already reported is not feeling well in prison right now. She says the fan mail helps her though and she thanks everyone who has sent her letters. 

Chelsea Houska Turns 21!

photo credit: Cassi Thomas/Kabik Photography 
I'm a little late writing about this one but it definitely deserves a post. Time certainly does fly and I'm surprised that Chelsea has already turned 21! 

She rang in her 21st at the Pan Asian Restaurant Social House in Las Vegas! She was there with a few close friends, and dined on sushi of course (obviously her favorite). It looks like she was given the VIP treatment and has an awesome party!

Chelsea deserved an fantastic Birthday celebration, she is one of the few moms from the show that isn't out partying all the time, or getting into some sort of trouble. She keeps it classy and she looks like she has grown up so much since we last saw her on Teen Mom 2. Which by the way should come back before this year is out. 

Soon after arriving home from her Birthday weekend, Chelsea had to go in for her 3rd Knee operation. As you may remember we saw her second operation for her torn ACL on Teen Mom 2. 

Hope you feel better Chelsea! and Happy Birthday! 

photo credit: Cassi Thomas/Kabik Photography