Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Teen Mom Reunion Special Part 2 Recap

Teen Mom Reunion Special Part Two
"Series Finale Special" 

Amber was not there but she sent a statement for Dr. Drew to read. Amber admits to having an addiction problem and says that she wants to stop partying and be a mother because she isn't a normal 21 year old. She is a mother. (She is 22 now and is in prison where she is taking parenting classes, singing, writing, and learning to be a better person.) She goes on to warn others that having sex is not how you show a person love and to not get themselves in the situation she was in. She says that she wants to prove to everyone that she can be a better person and a good mother to her little "mini me." 

Gary says that he has become a full time dad and that Amber hasn't stepped up as a mom for a long while. When Amber is sober she is nice and when she is not, Dr. Drew says, that she is probably using. He goes on to say that Leah is very smart and doing well. 

Maci talks a bit about her public speaking that she was doing around the time of the reunion. She was traveling to universities talking about her life as a teen parent. Then says that she and Kyle broke up. She says that he was cheating. The two are denying that now but she claims that he was talking to someone online and he forgot to get rid of the conversation before Maci saw it. Kyle joins the show and says that he was chatting with 3 old friends on facebook and that he was sick of all the fighting and stress of being with Maci. She says that Kyle gave up when she would have worked things out... if they ever actually sat down and talked about it.

Ryan comes out next and explains the Birthday Party incident and that they both were in the wrong. He disagrees with doing a lot of things all together but Maci really wants the family all together for some special occasions. After showing a clip of their 16 & Pregnant episode Ryan says that his actions reflected how unhappy he was with Maci. 

Dalis joins the stage and says that she has mixed emotions about everything going on. Dalis brings up the text message from Panama City that Maci sent to Ryan about having a better time if Dalis wasn't there. Maci says that Ryan was texting her first basically about Dalis. It moves quickly on to Dalis accusing Maci of texting him and telling him things that people are saying about her. Which as it turns out they have already worked out. There is minimum drama between the three of them which is surprising considering how much the reunion was hyped up.

Bentley, Leah and Sophia:
Bentley shows off his awesome stitches that he had to get on his forehead that day. He smiles and snuggles up to his mom and its adorable. Sophia tells us about her new puppy. Leah of course steals the show by announcing that she is on the big screen and that her favorite movie is Teen Mom. 

Derek Underwood's Mother and Sister Attend Farrah's Book Signing:

Farrah and Sophia have been on a book tour for her first book: My Teenage Dream Ended. Her most recent signing was at a Barnes & Noble in Omaha Nebraska. 

Stormie Clark (Derek's mother) and her daughter Kassy heard about the event and decided to go, hoping to see precious little Sophia there. She was kind enough to share with alltheteenmoms.com exclusively her experience that day.

Derek's mother Stormie and Sister kassy

As you may remember from Teen Mom Farrah and Derek's family don't have the best relationship. Farrah fought Derek's mother over wanting visitation with Sophia. Since then Stormie and family have only seen Sophia a handful of times. So when they found out that Sophia may be at Farrah's book signing they thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go and see her in person. 

Stormie brought along her 2 other granddaughters as well. As soon as they walked in they spotted Sophia. Her granddaughter Ali headed straight for her. The family all watch Teen Mom so Ali recognized her right away. These two little girls had only met two other times in their little lives. Ali and Sohpia are only 2 months apart in age and began chatting right away.

Stormie:  "I had tears in my eyes seeing them together. It was so bittersweet." 

Debra was following Sophia around the store. 
Stormie: "I said hi to Debra. She said hi. I asked her if I could take a picture of Sophia & Ali. She said sure. I was very grateful for that, but not 100% certain that she knew who I was...Debra & I have never met." 

Debra took Sophia back up to the front where Farrah was busy signing books for fans. Stormie: "I had also planned on trying to talk with Farrah about our issues and that hopefully we could move past them... but I could see that she was busy signing books and I didn't want Farrah feeling uncomfortable during her book signing, so I decided that we should leave."

Sophia and her cousin Ali

Little Ali cried when she had to leave Sophia. It's so sad because she doesn't understand why she can't see her cousin. It seems to me that Stormie is very willing to work things out with Farrah. I'm sure she would do anything to be a part of her granddaughter's life. Sophia is all that is left of Derek and no matter the family drama, the children shouldn't be affected. After talking with Stormie, my heart goes out to her. I hope that they all can work out their differences in the future and at least learn that the children are the most important. I wish the entire family the best of luck!