Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Farrah Abraham Lands a Spin Off!

Farrah Abraham has confirmed that she is getting her very own spin off! While in NYC for fashion week, Farrah told Us Weekly that she is finalizing her deal for the new show. 

"I'm just closing on it, it's gonna be just about me and my life." 

She didn't go into great detail about the show but I suspect it will chronicle her life as a single mom and her future business endeavors. I'm afraid of the comments I will get on this post but I'm extremely excited about this! I'll definitely be watching and whether you want to admit it or not I'm pretty sure you will be too. ;) 

Kailyn Lowry Engaged!

News broke today of Kailyn's engagement with boyfriend Javi! He reportedly proposed to Kailyn on their one year anniversary in her home town, after sending her on a little scavenger hunt! 

Javi had himself and Isaac all dressed up and waiting for her to find them, when she did he was down on one knee and Isaac was holding a bouquet of flowers for her! It was extremely romantic and sweet. 

I can't wait to see Javi in the new season of Teen Mom 2 that should be airing in a couple of months. Just from what I have seen of these two they seem perfect for each other! Congratulations guys! 

Kailyn finally posted a photo of her ring!