Sunday, September 16, 2012

Amber Portwood Prison Update

Amber has actually been doing pretty well. Aside from her most recent illness that is. No updates on whether or not she ever got her tooth looked at but I'm hoping she is feeling better now. 

Amber's mom Tonya spoke with about her most recent visit. She says that Amber is taking parenting courses, staying out of trouble, and singing in the prison choir. She is also working out regularly and has lost 25 lbs since she started. "She's lost a lot of weight by staying active and even though the guards and inmates try to pick fights, Amber is staying out of trouble and spending time each day writing a book about her life. "

Tonya says that Amber has already done a complete 180 and that being sent to prison was for the best. "We're already looking at getting her sentence cut in half for good behavior and once she gets out Amber wants to help rehabilitate other teen moms with similar problems to finally use her fame for good!."

Apparently MTV has contacted the cast about filming update specials which Amber is more than willing to do from prison if she is allowed. MTV has been sending Amber weekly care packages also filled with special foods and personal hygiene items.

Jenelle Evans Moving to New Jersey with Kieffer

Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp have no doubt an extremely rocky, on and off, ridiculous relationship. They had a bad break up recently (which involved Kieffer trashing her house and stealing her expensive cell phone..), but they are back together now of course. The two have actually run away to New Jersey together about five minutes after getting back together. 

We all assumed that they were visiting Kieffer's family and friends that live up there... but now it looks like the two are actually looking for a new place to live! 

She posted to her facebook "Apartment hunting everywhere tomorrow." Someone asked her if she was looking in New Jersey to which she replied, "yeah we are up here now."

Actions speak louder than words to me and this action speaks volumes. She will be moving very far away from her son which begs the question... Is she concerned with getting custody of Jace back at all now?

In a new interview with Jenelle says: "Very happy I got out of North Carolina.It hurts really bad to be leaving Jace behind with my mom but he is safe as of now and starting out fresh is the best step I have taken so far to get my son back."

It also seems that Jenelle didn't tell MTV she was headed out to New Jersey. MTV employees have been trying to get a hold of her.

Personally... I don't understand how you can leave your son so far away. Nothing could get me to do something like that. I hope she and Kieffer work out if she does this. It will be a lot harder if they break up and she is so far from everyone she knows. :/

UPDATE 9/20:
Jenelle and kieffer have now split once again and Jenelle is no longer moving to New Jersey. I'm sure there will be more updates about this soon. 

Maci Bookout & Kyle King Break Up Again

Maci and Kyle as we all know got back together pretty recently but sadly it doesn't look like their romance lasted long. The two stopped tweeting to (and or about) each other last week and while twitter isn't the center of the universe (or at least it shouldn't be) the inactivity speaks volumes to me.... considering they both send cute messages to each other and post photos regularly. 

Not only have they not spoken but they also stopped following each other on twitter. Maci recently started following her ex-boyfriend Kyle Regal though! On top of that Kyle deleted all the recent photos of Maci and Bentley from his twitter and Instagram.