Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Maci Spotted With Camera Crew (PHOTO!)

Maci and MTV have both denied that Maci is filming a spin off show despite the many sources close to her that say the opposite. One of those sources tells alltheteenmoms.com that Maci started filming the weekend of her 21st Birthday. 

Now possible photographic evidence: 
This picture was taken last week at Chattanooga State College where Maci attends school. You can see her sitting in a classroom and a film crew member holding a mic over her head. 

Since this photo is just of her back I decided to do a little investigating and found the following photo of Maci wearing this exact outfit last week while playing with Bentley which she posted to twitter.

Could Maci be filming for her show? Is this more evidence? So many questions! There is no chance of her filming another Teen Mom special, since the specials were filmed months ago and are ready to air next week.  I suppose all of these reports of Maci and a spin off are one big coincidence but I sincerely doubt that Cate and Farrah would have their own shows and Maci not. MTV would be stupid to not do a show with her.

New Teen Mom Special Air Dates

The original Teen Moms will be returning to our television screens in October!! Just when you thought they were gone... 

On October 2nd at 10pm there will be a hour and a half long "Farewell Special." That will show a little bit of an update on where the girls are now (meaning where they were over the spring/summer.) I see this being an emotional episode as we say goodbye for real this time!

Then on October 9th at 10pm we will get a look into the life of Amber Portwood with the half hour long  "Amber Behind Bars: An MTV Special." Which will show Amber dealing with prison life and show us what she has been up to while there. I'm really hoping this shows her in a more positive light, and really changing. We will see!

Following the Amber Portwood special on October 9th will be an "Ask the Teen Moms" Special at 10:30pm. This will also be a half hour episode.