Monday, October 1, 2012

Jenelle: New Beginnings, Tattoos, and Boyfriends

The last post I made about Jenelle was about her moving to New Jersey. Well thankfully that was a short lived plan. Kieffer of course didn't follow through with his promises of showing Jenelle a good time while out there. Something happened with his family and she ended up leaving him and coming back home. 

She has to move out of the house she was living in due to all of the domestic violence and what not that has occurred there. So she has been looking for a new house. She has also been spending lots of time with her son now that Kieffer isn't around.

After a matter of days though she has found a new man to devote her time to. His name is Courtland and they have apparently known each other for 4 years. They hadn't hung out in around 2 years though. Courtland will be moving into the new house that Jenelle gets too. Courtland honestly doesn't look any different than Kieffer or Gary. He has that look about him and apparently has a criminal record as well. She knows how to pick em. 

Yesterday Jenelle got yet another tattoo. This time of a Leopard on her hip. She says that the Leopard represents her strength and that it's spots "fade" because people don't see her strength. I wish the leopard looked more realistic, it came out kind of cartoon-y but hopefully she is happy with it because it is huge! 

PS: Today something juicy about Jenelle is supposed to be hitting the media. Since Jenelle has thrown out all of Kieffer's pipes and pawned his tools, he decided to "sell her out." Should be interesting.