Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Teen Mom Farewell Special

Tuesday October 2nd 2012 marks the true end for Teen Mom with a 90 minute Farewell Special. 

The Casting Tapes: 
Catelynn and Tyler found out about the show 16 & Pregnant through their adoption counselor Dawn. They wanted to show people that adoption is out there and maybe help some other teens in their situation. They never thought the show would take off the way it did. Catelynn didn't think they would even get picked for the show but Tyler was optimistic and talked her into sending in a tape. Fun fact: Catelynn told Tyler that she was pregnant while in the car and apparently the color drained from his face!

The First Days of filming: 
Cate and Tyler say that they had no idea what they were in for. They were confused and nervous about filming. Tyler kept asking "what do i do?" It's hard to not look at a camera crew right in your face! After a few days of filming Cate says that she got more comfortable and started to not even notice the cameras. 

The Memorable Moments:
Some of the most memorable parts of Teen Mom with Catelynn and Tyler were the huge fights they would get into with their parents. Things have certainly changed between Catelynn and her mom. April has come around completely to the thought of adoption and fully supports it now.
The best Catelynn and Tyler moment of Teen Mom has to be the one year visit with Carly. It was so emotional for everyone. They are so happy that they can look back on that footage for ever. 

Catelynn and Tyler don't consider themselves celebrities at all. Tyler talks about fans coming up to them all nervous. When people say that they are famous he says "ah the "F" word!" He adds that "famous" and "celebrity" are like two curse words that they never use! 

Birth Control:
Tyler: Think twice before you are sexually active. And never use a condom that you washed in the washing machine. Cate plans on telling her future children about contraception, sex and anything else they need to know about.

Where Are They Now?: 
Catelynn and Tyler are both in college, planning the wedding and living happily together in a new beautiful home. Catelynn picks out her wedding dress with her mom, Tyler's mom and sister. (There is someone else there but I didn't catch who she was, my bad) Catelynn and Tyler go to a cake testing and talk about incorporating Carly into the wedding cake somehow and also talk about how nice it would be for Carly to be at their wedding.
Cate and Tyler celebrate Carly's third birthday with their moms. They each say something that they wish for her before blowing out the candle. Brandon and Teresa finally let Cate and Tyler know where they live and are trusting them a lot more. Dawn suggests writing them a letter asking them to think about attending the wedding. Hopefully they agree! 

The Casting Tapes: 
Maci's mom found out about the show when she spotted an add on craigslist. Ryan and his family didn't even know that she applied or sent in a tape! Ryan didn't really want to be a part of the show either and was kind of upset with her about it. In her tape she says her parents weren't mad when she told them she was pregnant but her dad did cry. Ryan's parents were excited after the initial shock. Ryan reveals that he didn't even really see Maci as a serious relationship at the time, just a girl he was dating. Maci goes on in her casting tape about getting married, moving out, and being happy. 

The First Days of filming: 
Maci was so uncomfortable and had a hard time pretending the cameras weren't there. Ryan wasn't happy about the camera crew filming them at all especially while he was laying in bed. 

Maci talks about when she and Ryan were planning to get married, she said that she knew she wasn't ready to get married. All the parents (of Ryan and Maci) pushed them to work things out but they knew it wasn't happening. Maci says that she was living in denial. She breaks down in tears while thinking back to that time of her life. Ryan's parents say that Ryan now realizes how important it is for Bentley to have parents together and getting along. His mom says that he feels bad that Bentley wont grow up with his parents together.

The Memorable Moments:
The day Maci and Ryan went to mediation was a very important moment captured for the show. Maci says if she could go back to that day she wouldn't give up an extra day for Ryan to have Bentley. Ryan says she always wants to have the upper hand in everything. They show clips of Maci at Bentley's 2nd Birthday party telling Ryan that she can just take him if she wants to and then Ryan calling her a name. She says that she has never seen her father talk to her mother like that and she doesn't understand why Ryan does it to her. Ryan says that Maci was being selfish that day. 
One of the best memorable Maci moments was when Bentley said Mama for the first time! She says she is amazed at the insane love she has for her son. 

Maci and Ryan never thought about the fact that people would recognize them and want to constantly be taking pictures. There is a great clip of a woman stopping Maci and telling her that she loves the show. Maci goes "they're filming right now!" gesturing to the camera crew behind her. The woman steps back when she notices the cameras and apologizes. Maci just laughs and says its fine. 

Birth Control: 
Maci had no idea how to get birth control or if she even could without her mother's consent. Maci and Ryan hadn't been together very long and never talked about birth control. Maci's advice to young girls is to open your mouth and talk about it.

Where is Maci Now?:
Remember that everything is taped in advance, so this footage is from the summer! Maci talks about her and Kyle's break up a little bit and says again that he was cheating on her. (Which he now denies. since this special was taped Maci and Kyle have gotten back together... and broken up again.) Maci has moved into a new house with her girlfriends. She has been a news anchor for the Chattanooga Student News. Bentley is still attending pre-school and everyone is getting along about that now. Ryan moved out of his parents house. He was briefly broken up with Dalis during the filming of this special, but soon got back together and are still together today. When they were both single Maci is asked if she will get back together with Ryan. She says they probably wont be getting back together any time soon but she wont say that it will never happen. Maci and Ryan have learned to get along better and don't argue when picking up and dropping off Bentley.

The Casting Tapes: 
 Farrah was perusing modeling and acting when she found out about 16 & Pregnant. This for her was a way of staying in that industry even though she was pregnant. In true Farrah form she was very optimistic about her future and professional in her video.

The First Days of Filming:  
No one knew she was pregnant. So it was hard to explain all the cameras following her around school. She told everyone that they were taping her for a show about teenage life.

Farrah says she acted the way she did in the first season of Teen Mom (going out all the time) because she was trying to escape her reality of being a teenage mother and being without her child's father. Debra says that she has seen Farrah grow and become much more realistic over the past couple of years.

The Memorable Moments: 
When Farrah admits that Derek passed away and her emotional moments of grief over him. Farrah says that her mom still to this day doesn't fully understand what she is going through as far as her feelings for Derek go.

Farrah says that there is "no glamour here." Debra says that they never thought they would be famous or that so many people would know who they are.

Birth Control:
Debra says that she never explained birth control but talked with Farrah about abstinence due to their religion. Farrah wants girls to make good choices in their relationships and wait to have sex.

Where is Farrah Now?: 
Farrah is working on her restaurant, her "self employed projects", modeling and acting. Sophia is in early learning school. She is very intelligent and learning so much. During the day Farrah meets with friends and has any meetings she needs to get done. Farrah has a fabulous flamboyant guy friend who I adored after 2 minutes of watching him! She talks about her move to Florida and how things are still a challenge. 
Visiting her mom in Iowa, it looks like Debra might be to blame for Soph still depending on her pacifier. Farrah tells her that she doesn't need her "sucky" but Debra insists that Farrah sucked her thumb for a long time! Farrah takes Sophia to visit Derek, where she makes a great little video of her talking to Derek. 

The Casting Tape: 
Amber reveals that when she found out she was pregnant she called her mom out of a dinner and they all cried a lot. She says that her mom hated Gary and her mom said she would be there for her.. but she was a "b*tch" to her ever since. Which may have just been that teenage exaggeration coming out!

The First Days of filming: 
Gary and Amber went to find out the sex of the baby. There is a super sweet clip of them finding out that they were having a baby girl! 

The Memorable Moments: 
Of course.... the fights, especially the violent ones. Amber's mom says that they used leah against each other. Gary says that Amber didn't like what she saw when she watched herself on the show. Most of the cast weigh in on Amber and they all say that Amber needs to hold her head high and that they all love and support her. Maci says that Amber has helped her through this journey of being on tv. Debra says that she admires Amber and wants her to know that she is loved and cared for. Farrah looks like she is going to cry and says that people love to kick others when they are down. She would know, people are horrible to her just as much as they are to Amber. Everyone agrees that Amber is a good person and they all hope that she gets better soon. 

Amber got the negative side of all the attention. Paparazzi was all over her when she was in and out of jail. Tonya (Amber's mom) says that the paparazzi were parked down the street from their house.  

Birth Control:
Gary says always use a condom unless you are ready to care for a child.

Where is Amber Now?:
Leah is now in dance classes. At this point in filming Amber was in her drug court rehab program and living with her grandparents. Gary says that no matter how much time he has with Leah, he isn't her mother. Gary agrees to take Amber to a court hearing. Which turns out to be the day that she asks the court to give her the full 5 year sentence instead of continuing rehab. Gary gets emotional on his ride home from the courthouse. Her mom says that life had become too much for Amber, the stress, the temptations of her drug problem. Leah doesn't really know or understand what is going on with Amber. Gary doesn't know if he should explain it to her or if he should take leah to visit Amber in prison. He has a lot of questions that he doesn't know how to answer.

He gets a call from Amber, she says that she is going to prison and that she might get out in 2 and a half years. She sounds calm and says that everything will be okay. 

Everyone gets emotional talking about her. Gary says that he hopes someone has learned something from her life. "It can't all be for nothing. It can't be." Gary reads an emotional letter that he got from Amber in the mail. 

Next week MTV will air a new Special called "Amber Portwood Behind Bars" where we will get a real look at her life in prison. Make sure you catch that October 9th at 10pm.

The entire cast hopes that teens have learned from watching their stories. Goodbye Teen Mom! We will miss you.