Sunday, November 4, 2012

Maci Bookout Becomes A Radio & TV Host

Maci Bookout has been known for her public speaking engagements where she would tell her story of being a teen parent and try to prevent other teens from doing the same thing. She would travel to different colleges around the United States. Maci hasn't done any public speaking engagements since around last spring but has made appearances at clubs and bars over the summer. 

People like seeing Maci so it's no surprise that other career opportunities have opened up for her. We all are waiting for the announcement of her own show, but it may not be the reality tv we thought we would see from her. 

Maci and friend Jessica at the Country
Music Awards
On Maci's twitter she describes herself in her bio as a "public speaker, writer, teen and unplanned pregnancy advocate, radio & TV host." 

That last part is new, does it mean that we will see Maci on our TV screens as a show host instead of a reality star? Only time will tell but it's clear to me that we will be seeing her again, one way or another.