Monday, November 12, 2012

Teen Mom 2 S3 Episode 1 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Premiere Episode 1
"Walk the Line" 

Leah is adjusting to living on her own but she has her friend to help her out. She really wants to work things out with Corey even though they have filed for divorce. She stresses out over a doctor appointment for Ali, which Corey is supposed to come to. First though Ali's physical therapist comes by to work with her. Leah has a break down talking about Corey blaming her for the divorce and says that she has been such a wreck that she has lost a lot of weight. Corey does show up to Ali's appointment and it's a bit awkward. The nurse tells them that Ali has improved since her last visit and that she is just developing at her own pace. 

Chelsea is still working on her GED and wants to find a new job so that she can spend more time with Aubree. Adam wants to have dinner with her and Aubree but the two haven't made their relationship official just yet. On their dinner date Aubree acts up a lot so the two can't sit and talk to each other. Adam is useless when it comes to helping out with Aubree but he does suggest getting take out and going back to her house so they can talk easier. They aren't going to consider themselves dating but they are taking baby steps. 

Jenelle is back home from rehab and has enrolled in summer classes. She also passed her first drug test but was disturbed to find out that probation officers have to watch you pee for drug tests.
Jenelle takes Jace to a job interview at a daycare and then takes him to the beach. Which was nice to see. She seems to be spending more time with him and doing a lot more with him. Sadly when Barbara gives her any small amount of constructive criticism Jenelle blows up and the two argue, which usually results in her leaving. 
Jenelle decides to go hang out with friends to clear her head and ends up smoking, so now she is worried about it showing up on her upcoming drug test. 

Kailyn wants to get back together with Jo but he isn't ready to settle down with her just yet. Isaac is in daycare while Kailyn works. The daycare tells her that Isaac isn't very social and isn't very much. She doesn't know what to do about it though because she doesn't have family to turn to. Kail admits that she misses Jordan but she really has feelings for Jo. Unfortunately Jo is off making rap videos with a new girl in his life. Kailyn drops by Jo's house to check on Isaac and finds out that this new girl is spending the night there and Jo wasn't watching Isaac like he should have been. Kailyn was so upset that she took Isaac home. 
Jo comes by to talk things out with Kailyn, he admits that he is now dating the new girl Vee and that he hasn't told her that he and Kail have slept together recently (a couple of times). She breaks down when Jo tells her that it was a mistake and that he has moved on. 

Ali Walking All On Her Own VIDEO

Not long ago I posted a video of Ali taking a few steps and then landing in her mother's arms. Now I am pleased to share this video update of Ali's amazing progress! She is able to walk all on her own and seems to be talking and everything while playing at her grandparents house!